- March 06, 2018

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Leesa Evans is a film costume designer (BridesmaidsThis is 40NeighborsTrainwreck) and celebrity stylist. She's hugely successful... 

Here's Leesa's easy-to-follow guide to choosing the right clothes for you:

  1. Remember a time you felt great about what you wore.
  2. Analyze why: fit, feel, comfort, silhouette...
  3. Use those attributes as a guide for choosing other items of clothing. If you like the way a sun dress fits, don't force yourself to wear a slinky cocktail dress (unless you feel great in that too.) Choose a more sophisticated dress that fits and feels the way that sun dress fits and feels.
  4. Use color to add or subtract sophistication. If you like jeans, buy a few pairs in different colors. That will give you options within the "casual" range.
  5. Stick to what works. Unless you really love taking risks (and most of us don't), find what works and stick to it.
  6. Always think about how you feel, not what others might think. What matters is whether you feel confident and powerful and happy. A compliment is momentary; how you feel lasts all day.
- October 12, 2016
Graphic t-shirts are everywhere right now—showing up on celebritites, in runway shows, and even on red carpets.

Why is this a trend that everyone seems to love right now?

Graphic t-shirts are incredibly versatile, can go from day to evening, and work on a range of men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Here are a few of our own personal favorites for us ladies, of how to wear a graphic t-shirt.

A graphic t-shirt paired with boyfriend jeans is the quintessential weekend outfit that’s also on-trend. Pair the look with some cool sneakers or ballet flats if you’re day is chock full of errands, or a pair of high heels and a statement clutch if you’re heading out to brunch or a casual night of cocktails.

Here's something that would look fabulous with jeans.....
Jealous Much (Black Font) T Shirt $22.99

Wearing a pantsuit might seem intimidating—who wants to look like an extra from “Working Girl”?—but adding a graphic t-shirt in place of a button-down will transform your whole look, giving any suit a fun, youthful spin.

Pair a graphic t-shirt and a swingy black skirt, for an elegant, easy outfit to wear out to dinner. The best part is that this look will translate effortlessly from day to evening.

Yes, you can even wear a graphic t-shirt on date night! Pair it with a full mid-length skirt with a slight flare or a skirt in a rich fabric like brocade, and then finish the outfit with a great pair of heels and a statement necklace to offset the casual top. Voila, the ultimate cute but “I didn’t try too hard” date night outfit.

If date night is a Friday, consider this an option. :) 
Faux Pas Fridays (Black Font) T Shirt $22.99